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All You Need To Know About Diet & Fitness 2011 Volume 1

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All You Need To Know About Diet and Fitness 2011 Vol. 1 Author   Steve Bradeley BSc (Hons) £19.95 inc. p&p CLICK HERE

In 2009 having reviewed the current available literature on the subject of Diet & Fitness and coming up with as many explanations and views as there  have been fitness fads.  I decided after 20 years of personal training, to try and come up with at least in my opinion, a definitive summary on current beliefs and practices from a scientific perspective that are most likely to help you achieve results in terms of improvement in the principles and areas of physical fitness.

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The areas covered in my review are Aerobic Fitness, Anaerobic Fitness, Strength, Flexibility and Endurance.  In light of the current trends to maintain healthy levels of body fat to improve life expectancy and quality of life, it felt quite wrong to leave out the subject of diet and weight loss. Of course, when setting out on a programme to reduce weight it is imperative to use at least basic exercise principles and include an increase in physical activity in your programme to increase your bodies ability to increase its metabolic rate.

About the author.

Steve Bradeley has worked in the Health & Fitness industry for over 20 years. Working firstly and primarily as a Clinical Personal Trainer, designing, implementing and acting as advisor to Local Authorities and private leisure companies when setting up and implementing “Exercise Prescription Schemes”   He has also worked extensively with both private clients working towards improvements in health and performance. Steve has so many strings to his bow whether it be academically or working on the floor with clients or reviewing and writing articles. All in all Steve Bradeley has amassed the knowledge and experience to get you where you feel you want to be.

My book,  hopefully offers both advice and practices that will help you to achieve your goals but at the same time give you the best possible chance of making your changes permanent.

“All You Need To Know About Diet & Fitness 2011 Vol. 1” also offers the reader a definitive summary on all of the common vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Costs. Both hard copy and Digital Bonus £19.95 inclusive of first class postage and packaging.

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As a bonus, I also offer the reader advice on subjects as varied as Skin-care, Performance Nutrition, Self Improvement and Organic potions to improve your skin and well being.

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All in all, the reviewers of this valuable resource have concluded that for the first time the reader can find everything needed under one cover to answer those questions that crop up when starting out on a new programme or regime. Whether to improve your aerobic fitness for health or performance, to improve your look whether toning, building or indeed reducing. It seems that I have achieved at least in the opinion of the reviewers an improvement in what is currently on offer as an aid to help you get started or improve where you are at the moment.

If my short review of this product has wetted your appetite for more and you feel like you could benefit from an “all in one”  definitive reference, then click on the purchase tab now and get your copy.

About the Product

Once your purchase has completed, your product will be both posted via First Class Post from the UK within 3 working days. PLUS  as a bonus, a copy in pdf form will be emailed to you electronically. The emailed copy is a completely free loyalty bonus in the hope that once read you will come back and look at my other fabulous products. Plus, it gives you the chance to store a copy on all of your devices for “On The Go” reading.

I hope that my book assists you in your aims and adds to your health & fitness knowledge.

Steve Bradeley BSc (Hons)


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